Another Thing I'm NOT Going To Miss About Tennessee

Storms! I hate severe thunderstorms, lightning, and the threat of tornadoes. In the 13 years we've lived in Middle Tennessee and this house, we have had numerous tornado threats, storm damage in the area, and storm damage to our roof and home. BLECH.

Since the National Weather Service started keeping records of tornadoes (1830), this area has experienced an average of 16 tornadoes annually. Between 1830 and 2003, 469 tornadoes of all categories have hit Middle Tennessee. In the past six years, we've had some of the most devastating twisters in history.

I took this photo at the end of March when a previously sunny day suddenly turned dark, and a fast-moving storm came through. Last year, every roof in our neighborhood suffered wind and hail damage when a similar storm hit this area.

Yep. I'm not going to miss the bad storms!